School Chaplain

Samantha Bond


Our School Chaplain, Samantha Bond works with and complements existing school support services and well being . She also holds a unique position in our wider school community through extending confidential care and support for not only students, but staff and parents. Personal difficulties may affect a student’s academic performance and our Chaplain can provide them with a positive and encouraging support alternative.

A Chaplain’s role is varied but revolves around:

  • Building positive relationships with students.

  • Fostering a supportive and caring school community.

  • Working closely with other support staff and services to nurture and care for our students and families.

  • Supporting at-risk students through behaviour support programs and mentoring.

  • Social/emotional support through programs such as Kids with Courage, Drumbeat and Creative Art Group.

  • Supporting staff and families from the wider school community.

  • Running and/or supporting lunchtime activities at various times for students and staff and other programs.

Our school Chaplain, Samantha Bond can be contacted through the school office or via email